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Taleem-e-Quran is one of the project of Niku Solutions Pte Ltd registered in Singapore with the collaboration of Bir Al Sabia Technologies (Pvt) Ltd having the company registration no 0068853 under SECP.

Taleem-e-Quran is one of the pioneers who started spreading online education worldwide. Taleem-e-Quran started providing online Quran education way back in 2009 with the concept of giving opportunity to those families who were unable to find teachers for their kids or where there were no masajids near to their homes. Now Alhamdulillah we have more than 2000 families who are currently taking education from us and more than these already finished their learning of Quran with us.

Taleem-e-Quran offers purely education courses which are online especially designed for kids and children although these online lectures have attracted people of all ages. Taleem e Quran is not only Quran Islamic teaching website but it is complete online school which offers complete Islamic study courses and lectures for kids and children. Quran teaching and Islamic teaching for children has been problem for people in distant area's but Taleem e Quran has solved this problem and they offer 24/7/365 Islamic courses and online Islamic teaching sessions for kids and people of all ages.

The most important course offered by Taleem e Quran is online Quran reading/reciting course in Arabic. After taking this course one would be able to correctly read the Quran with Tajweed but learning Quran depends upon devotion of students (mostly kids and children). The students of this course are taught rules along with practical one to one live sessions which enable them to learn Quran.

The team of Taleem e Quran consists of IT professional and professional Quran Tutors. The IT Professional facilitates the Quran Tutors to deliver online lessons for Quran teaching whereas Quran Tutors are Qari's of Quran who have 5-7 years of educational background. The best of Qari's are required to go through voice test and teaching i.e. Tajweed and Tarteel skill test to be able to become part of Taleem e Quran.

One of the biggest things of Taleem-e-Quran is that, we started providing proper certificates to our students who are completing Quran-e-Pak with us.

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